Friday, February 22, 2013

This is the Day....Grandpa, Won't You Be My Valentine?

It was my hope to post this last week, but the week got busy and away from me, and before I knew it Valentine's Day was a week behind us. This moment is much too special not to document it, even if it is week late.

Adelaide was asked by her teachers to invite ONE special person to come with her to school on Valentine's Day. At first impulse, she invited me and her baby brother to join her. But, with some more thought, she declared that she had changed her mind, that we were no longer her choice, that instead she would like to invite her Grandpa. Any disappointment I may have felt was quickly, instantly, replaced by a feeling of gratitude, for my dad, for Adelaide's emotional certainty. Adelaide's grandpa, my dad, is very special. He is very deserving of the invitation. And, according to Adelaide, he gives the best back rubs.

Adelaide picked out a special outfit days in advance and was thrilled to finally get to wear it. My dad wore red, especially for the occasion. He brought Adelaide a wrist corsage. She was thrilled. He was thrilled.

This is them just before they headed off for a morning of fun, together.

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