Friday, April 4, 2014

Keep on Growing

Somehow this space has eluded me over the last year. Life seems to have gotten in the way of life. Is that possible? Can you relate?

I am inspired today to return to some of the simpler things in life that make me happy. Sewing is one of them. Blogging, another, although it is surprisingly not that simple, what with photo loading that takes forever (my new computer may eliminate this problem. Fingers crossed.) and having to remember my password (it took me a good ten minutes and countless combinations of my typical password to get on here). But, alas, these are very small problems. I am learning this. And, so here I am, returning to my blog with the hopes of documenting life as it happens around here, and sharing it with you as we go along.

As I said, a whole year has passed since I was here last. Lots has happened in that time, as you can well imagine with changing seasons, growing kids, as well as the growing pains that come with life. The last year has offered me lots of opportunities for growth. You would think I could touch the sky with all the growth offered up to me over the last 12 months. Well, no, not that tall yet, but definitely carved out inside, made hollow, and filled up inside with more love and less fear.

In the time since I was here last, my kids have grown so much in so many ways. We use the door frame in the kitchen to measure the kids' height. One kid's on one side of the frame, the other on the other side. I just measured them yesterday, and man oh man, have they ever grown. It really is amazing. It also explains why they are always hungry, and grumpy without regular sleep. Aside from the lengthening legs, there has also been a boat load of emotional and developmental growth. My kids are very inquisitive, very intuitive, empathetic, emotional and sensitive. It makes for lots of conversations, lots of sharing of feelings, lots of opportunities for snuggles and endless problem solving.

My daughter's EQ (emotional quotient) far surpasses mine. She is five. This is what happens, right? Our kids learn life lessons around the same time that we do. I am learning to love and not fear at 34, my daughter is learning it at 5. I count her lucky.

My son, who is fast approaching three, is changing with every second of the day. It is hard to keep up sometimes, physically, mentally and emotionally.

He has been flirting with using the potty for way too long. I know it will happen. It usually does. In addition to thinking about using the potty, he has just decided in the last three days that he would like to sleep in a big bed. Very cool. Yes?! And also enough for my tender heart to ache a little bit. How is it possible that we are here already? It feels like yesterday that I met this sweet boy and now babyhood is quickly coming to an end. Upward and onward, I suppose. I am happy for his growth, his curiosity, his bravery in trying the new, but I was also a tiny bit happy last night when he decided that he might like the comforts of his crib over the big bed. He has decided to use the big bed for naps and the crib for sleeps at night. Sounds very reasonable. Sounds like the perfect transition for both of us! Now, as for potty training, I would be very happy if the thinking became doing, and if there was a very short and seamless transition from one to the other!

I am finding in the busyness of life that I have to set goals. I have to make the simple, inspiring parts of life a priority rather than an afterthought. I have started keeping a gratitude journal and write in it nightly, even when I am exhausted. It is part of my day. Keeping this journal helps me to see and experience and be grateful for all of the wonders of life. Being here in this blogging space, documenting my days as they add up to a life, helps me to focus on the simple, love-filled, beautiful things in life. It is my goal to be here more. I am looking forward to it.

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  1. " I am learning to love and not fear at 34, my daughter is learning it at 5. I count her lucky. "

    And I am 42. I think it's a life-long thing we are always working on. But yes, so good to start our kids nice and early.

    I like this space you have here. It's hard to keep a blog up, isn't it? really enjoyed you visiting my space and hope to see you there again.

  2. p.s. love that quilt in your title photo!