Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Non-Stop Talking, umm, Learning

Having our four year old home sick for the last two days means that our house has been full of non-stop talking for the last 48 hours. I have learned a lot!

Our conversations have gone like this....

1. This afternoon during some down time:
"Bub, I was thinking of putting some music on, but your singing is so nice, I don't want you to stop. Would you like to keep singing or have some music?"
"Music is good. I will keep on singing and they will sing back."

2. When daddy got home for lunch today:
"My bike has a flat tire."
"Why dad?"
"I guess I am having a day of bad luck."
"You're lucky dad, you're home with us."

3. At random, several times today:
"I have hockey sticks coming out of my ears and feet."

4. Yesterday morning, after having her first dream she could recount:
"There was a fire in my room. It was so loud. Were you out grocery shopping, mom? Didn't you hear the fire?"

5. In response to her little brother's increasingly mischevious ways:
"I think he needs a time out."

6. Today at lunch:
"The only thing I don't like is peas....I don't like cucumber."

7. During another random exchange:
"That's incredible! Incredible is a bad word. Do you think that?"

8. A sweet little snippet shared between dad and daughter today:
"Dad, I wish you were a girl so you could be mom."

9. Again, totally at random, but said with such sweetness I can't take it personally:
"I really love dad now. Remember when I didn't like his hair? I love him now. I love him the most. I love him more than you."

10. While singing this afternoon:
"O! Canada, we stand on R30 (a homeopathic cream we use). Mom, how can you stand on R30?"

Despite having a tired, sick, quick to cry kid by my side for the last 48 hours, I have had so much fun having my sweet girl home with me, always teaching me.

Hooking up with The Good Life for Monday Listicles and what you learned in 2012. I have learned enough in the last 48 hours to make at least a list of 10, a whole year could sink a ship!


  1. Sounds a lot like the non-stop talking at our house! I'm glad you're able to enjoy the little snippets in the midst of sickness and suckiness.

  2. Love this list, Soser. And love being a part of the McDonald family from afar.

  3. Love it. #8 is my favorite. What a ham!!