Friday, November 9, 2012

Ten Firsts With My Second Born

Last week, I wrote about the Ten Firsts With My First Born for Monday Listcles. This week, I wanted to take some time out, really think about and share ten firsts with my second born.

1. The first time I knew your little being existed, I was full of joy.

2. The first time I saw your sweet little profile, I was reminded of how much of your own person you are because you didn't look like your sister, even in utero.

3. The first time I felt you kick, I was so thrilled to experience that feeling again.

4. The first time I thought about being a family of four, my heart felt a little achy and nostalgic for our family of three.

5. The first time I thought about the friendship that would bloom between you and your sister, I felt so excited for you both.

6. The first time I realized you were not going to be born early, but instead take up camp past 40 weeks, I was both relieved and so impatient to meet you.

7. The first time I *saw* that you were a boy, I was overcome with emotion and might have lost my mind just a little bit.

8. The first time I held you, I truly understood that a heart can stretch and grow to hold infinite amounts of love.

9. The first time we snuggled through the night, you were peaceful down to your core and I knew you were a sensitive little soul.

10. The first time our family of four was together, I felt like everything was right in the world.

You, my second born, my sweet lovable monkey man, you have stretched both my heart and my world, and you have made me see that "firsts" are there for us to expereince everyday, if we just take notice.

Hooking up with The Good Life for Monday Listicles (just a few days late!).

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  1. I love how complete you felt your family is now. Beautiful list and you are such a beautiful pregnant lady :)