Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Full Bloom

Outside, the air is chilling, the leaves are falling and the earth is preparing to take a long, deep breath.

But inside our little house, a friendship is in full bloom.
The seed was planted many months ago.

Big sister meets baby brother for the first time.

The roots took hold....

and the little seedling began to unfurl.

There was a draught.

Let me go!

But with time, the rain returned and the sun did shine.

And then, then that little green sprout grew big and strong.

The petals uncurled one by one....

until it was in full bloom.

"Oh, sweetiepea," she says as she brushes his teeth. He smiles.


  1. What love! And when they get older, he won't remember all of the little things they did together, but she will, and so will his parents. And when they share these sweet stories, he'll have a strong suspicion - and now even a blog to prove it! - they're all true, and he'll feel the love all over again. In my personal "Boy Baby" experience, anyway :)

    1. I think it is so awesome that my kids get to experience all the fun that we did as kids, as sister and brother. And, get the added bonus of having a friend for life. Xoxo