Monday, October 15, 2012

Ten Ways I Am the Same or Different Than My Younger Self

I am linking up with some other bloggers for Monday Listicles, hosted by The Good Life, to answer the question, "How are you the same or different from your younger self?"

I am not exactly sure when my younger self became my older self, but if I had to guess, it was likely four years ago when I became somebody's mother. That makes you grow up real fast!

So, since becoming a mama, this is how I have changed or stayed the same.....

1. No more lazy, dazy days of sleeping in and lounging around the house. By 9am, I have been woken up by a human alarm clock, have snuggled two little bodies, checked the weather, read stories, made a school lunch, made breakfast, brushed two pairs of teeth, gotten three bodies dressed and
dropped one big part of myself off at school for the day.

2. I have come to realize that the small stuff really does matter.

3. I can still take a pretty good tantrum, but I *try* to do it in my own time and space.

4. I am more patient.

5. I am less patient.

6. I now understand that heartache is exactly that.

7. I no longer leave my house to work, but I still have a boss (actually, I have two!).

I still love to sew, but like my life, my creative inspiration has changed.

9. I have been humbled (again and again). The moment I think I know what I am doing (better than someone else), the universe (or my kid) has a way of showing me I still have a lot to learn.

10. I now wear my heart on my sleeve because it has grown way too big for my body.


  1. I love that "I am more patient" is followed by "I am less patient." Exactly!


  2. Motherhood: the great game changer. I am both more patient and less patient too - love that!

  3. What a lovely list. I love the more and less patient. I can truly relate to that. Motherhood really changes us girls ha?