Friday, October 19, 2012

This Is The Day....Our First Conversation

This is the day....

my daugther and I had our first conversation.

As we lay in bed, past bedtime, body to body, we talked big, we talked deep, we talked with energy, we talked with love. Old ideas were remembered and new ideas were had.

My girl said, "This is the first conversation we've had."
My heart fluttered.
"Oh," I said.
She continued,"Well, no, actually, we had our first conversation after lunch today."
"Oh," I said again. "We haven't had a conversation before?"
"No," she said. "You've had a conversation with dad, but not with me." 
"It is pretty cool that you are four now and you have so many ideas to share," I said. "I like having conversations with you."
She quickly replied, "I like having conversations with you too. Let's have another conversation tomorrrow."

Sounds perfect to me, sweet girl.

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  1. Oh wow! So adorable! Also -- What a mini-me! If you had told me that was a picture of you when you were four, I'd have believed you.

  2. Beautiful, Sarah, just like her little soul... and yours!